Stress at work

Eilis Dunne
Oct 23, 2020


Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

Today I sit contemplating work.

Work has been stressful. It seems that every issue that arises sets off my internal alarm system. Raising the flag that something is wrong, very wrong.

It’s like I want work to be, and think work should be, smooth sailing. Sure it would have issues, but only small ones that I can easily overcome.

I guess that’s not how it goes though.

So then, the real issue is my reaction to the issues that arise. This fires-a-blazing alarm flashing red lights that entirely over intensifies, over dramatizes issues.

I guess if I’m constantly working in a way to have things figured out and no issues arise, then when issues do arise, it seems all the more dramatic.

Perhaps I could live in a way where issues are normal.

Perhaps I could see issues as normal, expected, and maybe even desired?

Oh yes! What if I desired issues at work? Now that’s an idea.

My aunt enjoyed a large and successful career. Recently, she shared with me her take on work. Her biggest goal in life is personal growth, and work was a conduit for her growth.

Said simply, work wasn’t her end goal like it is for so many people. Work served a purpose forwarding her primary life agenda.

Every issue she had at work was an opportunity to grow.

Perhaps that could be my stance as well. It would certainly take much of the drama out of every issue that arises. For it’s not a fire-a-blazing issue anymore, it’s just a thing that happened and now I get to sort my way through it.



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